kelantan in heritage

Kelantan In Heritage

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Traditional game "CONGKAK"

Congkak is the traditional Malay game that use hole wood or make a hole on the ground and includes the small ball called ‘guli’. This game said to be traced since 500 years ago where it is practically play in the castle and continues to the local people. There is no genuine proof whether this game has created by Malay people or from the trader who came here.

The tools that have been used to play Congkak is the flat wood that have been created and carved like a boat and the angle of wood been carved with numerous of birds. It had 16 holes with 2 big holes and 7 small holes where the holes been make two parallel line where the bog hole is called ‘rumah’.

Two players will see face to face and the game generally started with two players start simultaneously by taking the ‘Guli’ from small holes called “kampong” and put it one by one in the hole from right to left and until to the ‘rumah’ and also the rival’s ‘rumah’. The move is continuing until one of the player finished from putting all the ‘Guli’ and if the player finished by putting last ball to his own area of ‘kampung’, so she/he can take all balls from the rival that adverse with his/her hole.

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