kelantan in heritage

Kelantan In Heritage

The best state in Malaysia for interesting vacation and holiday.

The kite of Kelantan

Kite or generally called by local people “wau” is
the popular game nowadays. It started long time ago from suburb area such as at beach area and wide area that expecting to have good wind. Today, this game is very well known not for local people yet for all over the people by organizing Pasir Gudang Kite Festivals International Guests every year. This festival is out of expectation since it was participated not from local people but also outside of Malaysia.

Taking from history of kite, actually the name of “wau” is taken from the Thailand word and since this word is widely used by almost all states in Malaysia like Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis and Kedah so it is became a familiar word. Other than that, the word “wau” also taken from the rope that has been tied on the head of kite and it came with a good sound.

The most popular types of kite is “wau bulan” or moon kite because it is a special shaped kite with the 3 strings attached to the body of the kite, joined to a single string for flying. The validation of the kite in Malaysia is not clearly stated but according to Clive Hart, kite is derived from China since the shapes and pattern is looked the same. The kite is said to be played for the “spirit of paddy” and it is early came from Kedah.

For perfection kite, it had five components which is head, wings, chest, tail and “busur” or sound instrument and among the tools that need to have is bamboo, glu, and special color paper for making kite.

The way of playing kite also special where it needs to have 2 people where 1 person is holding the kite and another is called “juru anjung” where he is the one that will make the kite flying. You will see more if you visit Kelantan because nowadays it was a center for kite and it is been often playing everywhere.

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