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Wat Phothivihan - the biggest in Asia

Monday, September 3, 2007

Kelantan has an amazing array of interesting temples and mosques that dot the countryside. North of Kota Bharu, in the Tumpat district, you will find many Thai Buddhist temples, a remembrance of the former links of Kelantan with Thailand.

One temple that many visitors visit is Wat Photivihan. Located near Kampung Jambu, this Wat which houses a 40 metre reclining Buddha.This 40-meter sculpture was constructed in 1973, and was only completed in 1979. The construction cost of RM350,000 was derived from public donation as well as contributions from various Buddhist associations in Malaysia and Thailand. The Wat Phothivihan reclining Buddha is 7 meters longer than the older reclining Buddha of Wat Chaiyamangkalaram in Penang.

Perdana Beach Resort, Kelantan

Perdana Beach Resort located 11 kilometres north of Kota Bharu, drive along a stretch of road which features souvenir shops and traditional cottage industry businesses, paddy fields with its share of buffaloes wallowing in the mud and of course, the always charming sight that is the traditional kampung houses which always brings to my mind images of a peaceful lifestyle, harmonious living and an often-felt wish to be a part of a community which espouses the "simple life" philosophy.

You can combine a love for taking pleasure from the simple life with a comfortable and charming 'village' experience which features the most up-to-date conveniences and facilities.

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