kelantan in heritage

Kelantan In Heritage

The best state in Malaysia for interesting vacation and holiday.

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The best waterfall

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Kelantan surrounding by a wonderful view, hills and also dont forget the most exciting waterfall, among of them is Jeram Linang. its location between jerteh and machang had attract many visitors to spend their weekend with a family and friends here. The Hutan Lipur Jeram Linang is located a few km south of road nr 4 to Machang. It is popular with locals and has many facilities like a wading pool, chalets, etc

Also do not forget of Jeram Pasu.According to a plaque at the entrance this is the first waterfall in Kelantan that has been developed and provided with shelters and other amenities. And it certainly has been developed, a bit too much, maybe. The waterfall can be reached easily from road nr 3 between Pasir Puteh and Kota Baharu. Access is also possible from road nr 4 between Jerteh and Marchang. It is a popular destination for the people from Kota Baharu, so the fall can be crowded during weekends and school holidays.

Another place is Lata Rek located between Gua Musang and Kuala Krau and it is more a cascade than a waterfall. But a very powerful cascade over the full river width of about 100 meter. The impression of the site will depend strongly on the amount of water. you have to be carefull when you climb the cascades.When you loose your balance and fall in the turbulent water, you will not survive it.


Travel in Kelantan

Kota Bahru is the State capital of Kelantan where its becoming a central of activities in the Kota Bharu market. Various shops and the bazaar and the new Central Market or the shopping complexes is locating here. Kelantan offers a fascinating variety of local handicrafts. This is supplemented by merchandise from Thailand which is available at the Malaysian border towns of Rantau Panjang and Pengkalan Kubur. In the shops, richly coloured silks are displayed alongside batik scarves, prints and songket textiles. In the mornings, the pulse of Kota Bharu is the Central Market (renamed the siti Khadijah Market). The majority of the traders here are woman and the profusion of colours, aromatic and sounds bear testimony to the variety of goods on sale. Fruits and vegetables of all colours, shapes and sizes are everywhere while cakes, spices, sweetmeats, preserved foods, pickles and dried seafood flood the senses with their scent.
The Bazaar Buluh Kubu is the three-storey shopping complex is stocked with just about everything imaginable and at bargain prices as well. The sheer variety of locally made souvenirs, knick-knacks, batik, gold and silver songket, fine silverware and imported Thai goods leave you in awe. A wide choice of clothes, T-shirts, sarongs and hats are also offered at reasonable prices. You will regret if you do not get something from here
Jalan Termenggung is another whole street is lined with craft shops selling gold and silver jewellery, textiles, brass ware and wood carvings. Be prepared to bargain and search for the best deal.
If you think you do not carry much money in your pocket, Rantau Panjang and Pengkalan Kubur are the best district that you will not easily miss it. You can buy anything here with a reasonably price that you will not believe at all. This district promised you to carry as much as things you are afford to your way.


History of Kelantan

The early of Kelantan’s history is started at 8000-3000 B.C. During the early Chinese era, Kelantan was influenced by the Indianized Funan Kingdom of the Mekong River. In fact, farming methods used in Kelantan are based on Funan practices. Even the wayang kulit (shadow puppet show), a popular form of entertainment, and weaving methods are thought to have come from Funan and some historian said it came from Thailad (Siam).
Kelantanused to to become vassals for the Sumatran Sriwijaya Empire and the Siamese. In the 15th Century, it came under the Melaka Sultanate. It was further ruled by the sultanates of Johor and Terengganu. By the 1820s, Kelantan was one of the most prosperous states in the Peninsula as there were unlimited development. Kelantan also retained and deal a strong ties with Siam throughout the 19th Century before control was passed on to the British after the signing of the Anglo-Siamese Treaty in 1909.

Kelantan also famous with their queen name Cik Siti Wan Kembang where some historian claimed it related with Puteri Saadong where expert said she was a daughter of the queen. Cik Siti Wan Kembang has governed the state with a fairly and justice for many years. After that, Kelantan has been governed by the king such as Long Senik Mulut Merah,Sultan Muhammad, until now governing by The Royal of Sultan Ismail ibni AlmarhumSultan Yahya Petra. By 1948, Kelantan had become part of the Federation of Malaya which gained independence on 31st August 1957.

Fresh of my state

Lastly, I had finished in creating my “state” blog. It is not for me yet it is for all people which interesting in spending the valuable money going and visiting Malaysia. Kelantan is another country within Malaysia which promised to the visitors the most amazing and interesting view. As you know that Malaysia comprises of many cultures, customs and races that sitting under one roof and they had many practical celebrations being celebrated every year. So, for the visitors, if you are being given an opportunity to choose the best vacation for your life, be Malaysia at the top of your list and visit kelantan as we will provide to you the most excitement view that empower from our oldest. We had a very unique traditional game, and wonderful scenes and fresh air from the beaches until to interesting souvenirs that you won’t regret to buy it. So, do visit Kelantan as your first ride while you reach in Malaysia.