kelantan in heritage

Kelantan In Heritage

The best state in Malaysia for interesting vacation and holiday.

The best waterfall

Kelantan surrounding by a wonderful view, hills and also dont forget the most exciting waterfall, among of them is Jeram Linang. its location between jerteh and machang had attract many visitors to spend their weekend with a family and friends here. The Hutan Lipur Jeram Linang is located a few km south of road nr 4 to Machang. It is popular with locals and has many facilities like a wading pool, chalets, etc

Also do not forget of Jeram Pasu.According to a plaque at the entrance this is the first waterfall in Kelantan that has been developed and provided with shelters and other amenities. And it certainly has been developed, a bit too much, maybe. The waterfall can be reached easily from road nr 3 between Pasir Puteh and Kota Baharu. Access is also possible from road nr 4 between Jerteh and Marchang. It is a popular destination for the people from Kota Baharu, so the fall can be crowded during weekends and school holidays.

Another place is Lata Rek located between Gua Musang and Kuala Krau and it is more a cascade than a waterfall. But a very powerful cascade over the full river width of about 100 meter. The impression of the site will depend strongly on the amount of water. you have to be carefull when you climb the cascades.When you loose your balance and fall in the turbulent water, you will not survive it.


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